NEW - Altro Whiterock™ Whiteboard



Technical summary

Wall mounted note board to capture non-permanent ideas. Dry wipe clean for repeated use. Great for brainstorming. Durable and easy to clean.

  • Type of product:
    Extruded semi-rigid PVCu sheet
  • Surface finish:
  • Thickness:
  • Size:
    2500 x 1220mm 
    3000 x 1220mm 
  • Weight:
  • Max service temp:
  • Colours:


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Altro Whiterock Whiteboard FAQs

Welcome to our page of Altro Whiterock Whiteboard frequently asked questions. We have tried to address many of your queries but please contact us if your specific question is not answered here.

A.   A whiteboard is a modern variation of flip charts or the traditional school blackboard that uses dry erase markers. The Altro Whiterock Whiteboard is made using our proven, high-performance, durable Altro Whiterock wall sheet, renowned for its hygienic and performance benefits. The Altro Whiterock Whiteboard is ideal for brainstorming ideas or group work, and can be wiped clean afterwards, ready to be used again.
A.    Unlike Altro Whiterock White, the Altro Whiterock Whiteboard features a smooth, gloss surface that allows dry erase pen to be wiped away effectively and repeatedly.
A.    The Altro Whiterock Whiteboard is available in 2.5m or 3m sheets and both are 1.22m wide and 2.5mm thick.
A.    The Altro Whiterock Whiteboard can be fixed directly to most dry substrates, depending on its surface suitability and whether a temporary or permanent installation is required. For more information please take a look at our installation guide.
A.    The Altro Whiterock Whiteboard cannot be thermoformed. If you need to install the wall sheet around a corner, the internal corners can be scribed and butted into the corner and sealed with silicone sealant. The external corners can be fitted using an unprinted 20mm x 20mm or 30mm x 30mm PVC angle (A839) or a brushed stainless-steel angle.
A.    Yes, a Festool and pressure guide is the best method, however a fine-toothed handsaw or a jigsaw fitted with a fine-tooth metal cutting blade can also be used for more intricate sections to be cut. Care should be taken to ensure the coating is protected at all stages of the fitting process.
A.    Cleaning the Altro Whiterock Whiteboard is easy and straight forward: we recommend weekly cleaning using a soft cloth, water, and diluted household detergent.
A.    Two-part joint strips, two-part start/edge trims and two-part cut tile transition trims with a dry-wipe coating are all available for the Altro Whiterock Whiteboard. They can be wiped clean just like the Altro Whiterock Whiteboard. For other jointing methods please take a look at our installation guide.
A.    Any dry-erase marker can be used on the Altro Whiterock Whiteboard.
A.    We do not recommend the use of permanent markers on the Altro Whiterock Whiteboard.