The Best Flooring Options for Hospitality

Hospitality has had a hard time over the past few years. As it looks to bounce back, it's imperative that businesses aren't hit by any other issues that could set them back even further in an increasingly competitive industry. 

Even the little things, like how a space looks and feels, will impact whether customers return or staff deliver the very best for a business. So providing an environment that is both comfortable and practical for staff and customers alike is an important aspect for both safety and relaxation.

Hospitality flooring may not sound like the most pressing of issues for a business trying to find its feet or re-establish itself in a post-lockdown world. Still, safety flooring that's easy to clean and comfortable underfoot can achieve many things—helping maintain hygiene levels and reduce fatigue for those working on their feet all day.

Altro's range of hospitality flooring solutions can be just what you're looking for in kitchens and serving areas, with water underfoot being a slip-hazard that is then exacerbated by greasy oils and fats. Altro Stronghold™ 30 is a specialist safety flooring for this exact purpose, designed with commercial kitchens, canteens, food preparation, and service areas in mind. With its 3mm thickness, Stronghold 30 achieves Altro's highest rating for slip resistance, minimising risk in hectic catering conditions, and providing noise reduction and support for those walking on it. 

We also have plenty of flooring for hospitality outside of food preparation areas, with products like Altro Walkway™ 20 giving a versatile and hardwearing option for general-purpose areas. With sustained slip resistance throughout its lifetime, it also has PUR cleanability which means it has superior chemical and stain resistance to keep it looking as fresh and clean as possible, even in places where spills are likely.
Altro Stronghold™ 30
Altro has hospitality and leisure flooring solutions that exude a more natural aesthetic with our range of wood-look vinyl. Still, with the same high-quality features you would expect from all Altro products, Altro Wood™ comes in 20 designs and provides an upmarket yet homely feel to spaces such as restaurants or dining areas, whilst still being considerably cheaper and hardier than hospitality wood flooring.

Of course, within this industry, we understand that minimal downtime is imperative and providing a sleek-looking floor that still offers safety underfoot and fast installation is the ultimate goal - this led us to develop Altro XpressLay™. Installed using a tape system, it leaves easy access to the subfloor and avoids using adhesive, so it doesn't give off any odours that may affect well-being or disrupt service. It can also be easily uplifted and recycled at the end of its lifecycle, which has less detrimental effects on the environment and minimises costs at the end of the lease when needing to return a property to its original condition.

For more inspiration, check out our case studies or our Hospitality section.

Altro Walkway™ 20

Altro Wood™

Altro XpressLay™
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