Safety flooring that looks good, feels smooth and is exceptionally easy to clean

Introducing Altro Suprema

Altro Suprema is a design-led safety flooring. It delivers exceptional performance with a guaranteed sustainable P3 slip rating, supported by a 10-year warranty. And with Altro EasyClean technology, Suprema has improved cleanability, durability, and stain resistance, making maintenance effortless and cost-effective.

Let's take a closer look at the new Altro Suprema...

Design-led for creative freedom

Bring your designs to life with Suprema's contemporary colour palette created in collaboration with architects, end users and colour consultants. With 33 modern colours - from subtle muted shades that evoke a sense of tranquillity to bolder tones perfect for adding vibrancy – there's something to suit every project and diverse design needs. Biophilic elements also feature in this versatile collection, making it easy to bring nature inside with minimal effort. Suprema can also help meet healthcare guidelines with dementia and neurodivergent-friendly colours.

Delivers exceptional performance

Protecting against slips and falls for years to come, Altro Suprema's guaranteed P3 slip rating ensures sustained slip resistance for the product's life; this makes it ideal for busy public spaces like education, healthcare or retail, where people are always on the move. And with a 10-year warranty, you'll have peace of mind that it will perform under demanding conditions, ensuring your investment goes further.

Improved technology for enhanced cleanability

Altro EasyClean technology brings the highest standards of stain, abrasion and scratch resistance to Suprema. Its proven effectiveness in resisting staining from iodine, poster paint or other common spillages will save both time and money on cleaning. Altro EasyClean technology also provides improved durability, which means less damage over time, so your floors look good longer, and you will spend less on maintenance.

Altro Suprema combines safety, style and cleanability, making it the ideal flooring solution for high-traffic public spaces. Why not see for yourself?
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Posted: 14/02/2023 2:18:56 AM by Kushla Smith | with 0 comments