Creating the Ideal Environment for Aged Care

Aged care is an important priority right now. Like most developed countries, Australia has an aging population and a growing need for support and care for this increasing section of society. With the safety, dignity, and the independence of people in aged care all a consideration, it is vital to get the creation of care facilities right so that they can be used for many years to come and help provide comfortable living and working environments for residents and carers alike.

When it comes to outfitting these facilities, one of the first questions should always be about maintaining a safe and healthy environment in aged care, and Altro provides solutions that assist in keeping conditions ideal. Having worked on developing walls and flooring for care homes over many years, Altro understands that there are often physical challenges, learning difficulties, and other additional needs that need to be appraised. Whilst this all must be factored in, ultimately, you are creating a home for residents where they need to feel secure. 

Taking this responsibility seriously is paramount to the bond built with customers to provide them with the best possible environments for their needs and, as such, Altro has collaborated with associations including Care England, Design in Mental Health, and the University of Stirling’s renowned Dementia Services Development Centre to develop the best possible solutions for aged care design.

So, what makes a suitable aged care home? Well, firstly, it’s the understanding that a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to work in a sector where the design guidelines for aged care facilities change depending on what services they are providing. For example, nursing homes, residential homes, and retirement villages all offer different living experiences and, as such, need to be catered for specifically. 

In more residential settings, creating an ambient and inviting feeling whilst having hard-wearing flooring is going to be a priority. So something like Altro Wood™, with offers 20 wood-look designs to match a range of décor, is a fantastic place to start. Integrating Altro’s Easyclean Maxis PUR Technology, this flooring is easy to maintain without heavy-duty scrubbing or potentially harmful chemicals, lasting longer and remaining hygienic.

Altro Orchestra™ is a soft vinyl flooring with a 15dB noise reduction. The comfort underfoot and resistance to indentation makes it ideal for resident rooms, with a reduced emboss to make cleaning easier without compromising its technical performance.

Altro Pisces™ offers up a domestic look for bathrooms and wet roomsAltro Pisces™ offers a domestic look but with the hardiness found across all Altro products. Developed with AltroBead Technology, tiny beads are blended in and distributed evenly to the flooring to give a consistent soft appearance alongside a lifetime of sustained slip-resistance that performs in both wet and dry conditions, both barefoot and in shoes.
Altro Wood™

Of course, it’s not just flooring that has to be of the highest standards, as the wall lining also needs to be resilient, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing. With Altro Whiterock™ coming in many forms, you can select from a range of designs and colours. You can tailor the visual impact to one of serenity and calm without compromising on durability. Great for general circulation areas or those likely to have standing water, such as bathrooms or kitchens, it can be combined with Altro floors for a fully sealed, hygienic area for high-performance impact-resistant and impermeable protection.

With a selection of floor and wall solutions for any setting, Altro can help you find exactly what you need. Click here for more aged care case studies, or contact us today.

Altro Orchestra™
Altro Whiterock™
Altro Pisces™
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