How to Use Sustainable Flooring

Sustainability and being more eco-conscious is on the top of everyone’s agendas. Here at Altro, we are constantly looking at ways to bring more sustainability to our products. One area that has been particularly fruitful is that of sustainable flooring, which can be reused or recycled at the end of its life cycle. But how do you use it, and what makes it sustainable?
One area we’ve had particular success with is Altro Adhesive-Free technology that allows the flooring to not only be welded and walked on during the same day, but also means that the installation can be removed and reused with ease. This makes it a more sustainable option than many other types of flooring.

Advantages of adhesive-free flooring

Adhesive free flooring has many advantages including environmental and practical ones, and Altro has a selection of flooring options that can be laid without adhesive or glue. By not having any adhesive, there is no downtime as there is no need to wait until it has dried before using the surface again. This means that once it has been secured in place, it can instantly be walked upon. 
As such, the same day welding process can save you time and money by having that space instantly available again once the installation is completed. It also has the added advantage of no odours after being laid so it doesn’t affect users in the same way a glue might. Likewise, there’s no need to turn down underfloor heating like you might have to with adhesives and so there’s no knock-on effect to the rest of the environment around you.

How is flooring sustainable?

The above features may all be well and good, but they don’t answer the question of how Altro Adhesive-Free floors are more sustainable than others. However, Altro Adhesive-Free technology does help with sustainability in flooring through several key factors.
Easily re-used, adhesive free flooring doesn’t stick to the underfloor so can be lifted with ease, making it ideal for temporary flooring that can be moved around, or even resold. This also means that, at the end of its lifecycle, it can be lifted up and replaced or recycled, easily reused in other installations or go on to be incorporated into new flooring material.
Waste is also kept to a minimum, as only one product is used, and any left-over flooring can be returned to Altro to be reused elsewhere or dropped off at a Recofloor collection point, for recycling.

Altro Wood™ Adhesive-free in Champagne Oak

What Types of Sustainable Flooring Do Altro Offer?

With adhesive free flooring being one of the most sustainable choices we offer, there are a few options to choose from:
Altro Cantata™ is a smooth flooring that is modernist in tone and is exceptionally easy to clean thus making it great for busy spaces with heavy foot traffic. It’s ideal for use in corridors or in healthcare settings. Hard wearing and scuff resistant, it holds its look and feel incredibly well over its lifetime.
Altro XpressLay™ is a safety flooring with grip that holds well in areas where the slip risk is high. Installed using a tape system, it can be put in place rapidly, making it perfect for places where downtime must not be an issue. With PUR cleanability with superior chemical and stain resistance, it works well in general purpose areas and walkways.

Altro Wood™ Adhesive-free flooring utilises award-winning adhesive free technology to eliminate any downtime and has a 14db sound reduction as well as one in a million slip-resistance reassurance, to create a safe and comfortable environment with an elegant wood look that makes it great for residential and care environments.

Altro Cantata™ in Frosted-Glass
Altro XpressLay™ in Temple
Altro Wood™ Adhesive-free in Champagne Oak
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