Minori Orthopedics Clinic, Tokyo, Japan

Altro floors chosen for Minori Orthopedics Clinic

Altro Wood™ adhesive-free

“We are extremely pleased with our decision to use Altro Wood adhesive-free and have found that cleaning the floor is much easier. We are extremely satisfied with our decision and will be telling people what a great product it is.”

Mr Usui,
Owner, Minori Orthopedics Clinic


When Mr Usui opened the clinic 17 years ago, they had always used the same carpet tile and had always found it a challenge to keep clean. But concerns around shutting the clinic for up to a week to install a different type of flooring meant that Mr Usui was hesitate to change.

“We wanted to replace the carpet, but to do so would mean closing the clinic to move furniture and equipment and then remaining closed for the installation. The time and cost of the move and closure were not financially feasible for the clinic. However, when I learned that Altro had “adhesive-free flooring” products, I was convinced that this was the solution we needed.”


My Usui knew that the installation would be fast, but was surprised by just how quickly the clinic was up and running again.
“It took just 4 hours to install the new adhesive-free floor, and I didn’t need to remove my furniture or equipment; the installers worked around it and moved it into position when the installation was complete. And since there was no odour or dust, I was able to reopen the clinic right away.”


Altro Wood adhesive-free was selected for benefits including 14dB impact sound reduction and one in a million slip-resistance reassurance. Altro Wood adhesive-free installation technology also provided a quick installation with minimum downtime.

“Altro Wood adhesive-free was an excellent fit for us for two reasons. The first is that we rent the clinic space, and in the unlikely event that we move, we will need to restore the floor to its original state. If we chose a vinyl product that required a glue installation, the cost of restoring the space to its original condition would be significant. Therefore, selecting an adhesive-free product means we can easily remove and reuse the floor if we move. 

The second reason was the speed of installation. It was essential for the clinic management to have minimal disruption and closure time. So, it was fantastic to welcome patients back after closing for just one day.”

Mr Usui,
Owner, Minori Orthopedics Clinic

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