April 2017

And the winner is...


Congratulations to Hyogo Kawasaki for achieving the top Altro sales person in Japan with our Japanese partner ABC Corporation. Hyogo Kawasaki produced an outstanding effort over the last 12 months in just his first year in the flooring sales team, achieving his high result with excellent customer service and relationships. Altro thanks him for all his hard work and wishes him and all his colleagues at ABC a more successful year ahead. 


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Future-proofing healthcare with good design

In the past, cleanliness was the main focus of designing a healing environment to combat communicable diseases, leading to healthcare facilities traditionally possessing a clinical and cold aesthetic. While cleanliness remains extremely important, there is an increasing recognition of the role a pleasant environment plays in patient recovery. A well-designed healthcare facility has a profound impact on the level of care, the feel of the space and its usability.

Read the Whitepaper here

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Hit the right note with Altro Cantata. Maximum impact, minimum downtime.

Today sees the launch of Altro Cantata, a decorative, adhesive-free floor that uses the same installation method as the award-winning Altro XpressLay.

Altro Cantata is a compact 2.2mm floor which boasts a smooth finish. Available in 16 shades ranging from subtle natural tones to vivid colours, it has been designed to set the tone for a whole range of environments. This includes corridors in hospitals and residential care homes, plus corridors and general circulation areas in education buildings. The attractive, soft-look shades also make Altro Cantata an ideal choice for patient rooms within hospitals.

As well as creating stunning surroundings, Altro Cantata is installed without using an adhesive, making installation time, and the disruption that goes with it, minimal. In fact, using Altro Cantata can halve the time of a traditional installation! Not only this but there are no adhesive odours, plus it’s easy to clean, helping maintain both hygiene and looks.

As you may know, an Altro adhesive-free floor is easy to remove, is 100% recyclable and can be re-used in other installations. Waste is minimal as only one product is used and any leftover floor can be used elsewhere, returned to us, or a Recofloor collection point, for recycling.

Why choose an Altro adhesive-free floor?

  • It saves the environment
  • It saves you time and money
  • It saves you and your customers hassle
  • It has all the guarantees you expect from Altro

Order Altro Cantata samples here

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