Safety floors

Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring

It’s important to keep your working environment as risk-free as possible, and flooring safety should be among your priorities when making best practice assessments. Safety flooring is designed to reduce, minimise and remove the risk of slipping, and promote secure movement in high traffic areas.

With vast experience in the installation of flooring and commercial safety flooring, our in-depth knowledge has enabled Altro to develop a product range that can meet the toughest challenges.

Heavy duty safety flooring solutions

Our 2.5mm Altro Classic safety flooring provides outstanding durability and sustained slip resistance, and is the ideal choice for extreme heavy duty areas where extra protection is needed. Its excellent resistance to mechanical or physical damage makes it a firm favourite in demanding environments like education, industry and healthcare.

This heavy duty range offers contemporary, industrial or decorative design options. Easy to maintain and clean, it provides lasting appearance retention and is backed by lengthy 20 year product guarantees and 25 year life expectancies.

Versatile safety flooring solutions

Providing sustained slip resistance, excellent durability and ease of installation, low maintenance safety floors such as Altro Walkway 20 and Altro XpressLay are easy to clean and perfect for busy areas. Plus, they offer a great choice of colour, and chipped and non-chipped varieties for design flexibility.

Apart from traditionally adhered ranges, we also offer a truly sustainable, recyclable and reusable, adhesive-free option: Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata. These are suitable for lots of different applications and are ideal for use where original substrates may need protecting or where sustainable criteria must be met. Altro XpressLay and Altro Cantata is also the only safety floor that’s 100% recyclable or reusable post-consumer.


Inspirational safety flooring solutions

Inspirational safety floors are designed for areas where aesthetics, sustainable slip resistance and durability are all equally important. They can reproduce the natural warmth of nature – Altro Wood Safety is a prime example of this – and their non-sparkle finish makes them perfectly suited for dementia and care homes. They’re also ideal for public areas like receptions, corridors, shops, cafes, wards and day rooms, where appearances are especially important.

Special application safety solutions

Altro has also developed safety flooring solutions for demanding and challenging environments, with particular requirements. These include:

Safety flooring for kitchens and catering areas

The often wet and greasy conditions of kitchens are prone to frequent spillages. This risk is catered for by Altro Stronghold 30, which is a 3mm safety floor and boasts our highest rating for slip resistance.

Safety flooring for barefoot use

For wet areas where people could be barefoot, or wearing any type of shoe, Altro’s revolutionary Altro Aquarius is the ideal solution. It can be used in wet and dry locations including bathrooms, showers, and changing areas – typically found in healthcare, leisure and social housing environments.

Other Safety Flooring Solutions


Safety Flooring For Different Sectors

Some of those different sectors include:

Hospitals, doctor’s surgeries, care homes and other healthcare environments are busy places, seeing lots of people movement. In addition, many people within a healthcare setting might be particularly vulnerable and at risk of slipping – so it’s crucial that flooring is safe, and slip-resistant. The flooring also needs to be durable and tough, to cope with the prospect of wheelchair usage.


Explore safety flooring – Altro Walkway

Busy corridors, crowded lunchtime areas, students moving around quickly between lessons – schools and colleges are hectic places at the best of times. Reducing the potential for students to slip and hurt themselves is just one of the reasons to install safety flooring.

Explore safety flooring – Altro ContraX


The hospitality sector poses a risk when it comes to flooring, with high traffic areas in restaurants, cafes and bars. On top of that, spillage from drinks and food can be an issue. That’s just the public areas; within the hustle and bustle of the kitchen, behind the scenes, the risk grows greater.

Explore safety flooring – Altro Stronghold


Solutions for flooring in the transport sector prioritises safety for passengers, travelling on board buses and trains. Our safety flooring needs to withstand a huge amount of daily footfall, while also providing stability and reducing slippage when in transit, as passengers might still be standing when a bus or train pulls away – or even standing for all or part of a journey.


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