Today’s pace of life is changing the way people travel, both for work and pleasure. Of course this means that hotel designers and operators face multiple challenges when it comes to staying ahead of the curve.

The increase in working ‘on the move’ and the business opportunities in catering for travellers of all ages means the demands on the hotel industry are changing. From apartment hotels with integrated co-working spaces and tailored accommodation for active seniors, to providing the luxe factor for ‘generation Instagram’, the needs are varied, but getting it right comes down to design and functionality.

The choice of floors and walls we offer ensures your hotel spaces meet all requirements when creating a hotel that has the ‘wow’ factor. Our product portfolio has been developed with every type of hotel room in mind from bedroom and kitchen to the spa, and everywhere in between, giving specifiers maximum freedom of design. For operators and investors, as well as the obvious benefits of an environment that looks good and can be easily maintained, the guaranteed durability of our solutions, also offers excellent return on investment.

For the kitchen, Altro Stronghold offers our highest level of slip resistance (PTV ≥55), protecting busy staff by reducing the risk of a slip to one in a million, even with oil, greasy water and food debris. Again, adding Altro Whiterock creates a complete, hygienic solution. The range of shades and finishes, from classic White to vibrant Scarlett makes it ideal for the kitchen, back of house and front of house areas without compromising on cleanability and hygiene anywhere. Altro Stronghold 30 and Altro Whiterock are Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) meaning installing them reduces food safety hazard.

For back of house areas that are used constantly by feet and wheels, and take more than their fair share of knocks and bumps, we can help. Altro Classic 25 has been designed to cope with heavy traffic without compromising on safety, plus its 2.5mm thickness offers tired feet comfort under foot. For the walls in these areas, we have the Altro Fortis Titanium 15 system, offering wall, corner and door protection to keep these vulnerable areas looking better for longer.

To create an impact in reception areas, Altro Wood Comfort is ideal. It’s stylish appearance, 14dB impact sound reduction and comfort under foot properties mean it’s also perfect for bedrooms, corridors and dining areas.

To keep travellers, visitors and staff safer in high risk areas, we offer specialist floors. Altro Pisces and Altro Aquarius have been developed to prevent slips in bathrooms whether wet or dry, in bare feet or shoes and even with contaminants such as shower gel. With 36 shades to choose from, including Altro Pisces’ 16 soft-look shades, there’s no compromise when it comes to design.

Combine with Altro Whiterock and you have a complete easy to clean and maintain room that looks fantastic. Altro Whiterock is easy to install, grout-free and impact resistant, avoiding the issues associated with ceramic tiles.