Wet environments are not just about water; it’s also what we use in those areas, including shower gel and shampoo. The slip risks that these contaminants create are potentially dangerous and could cause serious accidents. Slips and falls aren’t the only consideration in wet environments. Indoor humidity and poor cleaning can lead to build-ups of bacteria and mould, which can impact health as well as the appearance of the rooms.
We have specifically designed our integrated system to address the issues commonly found in kitchens – slips, contamination, cleaning and maintenance. Our system doesn’t just protect the people who use it; it also protects the environment and those responsible for the health and safety of employees and visitors.
Our online tool will help you choose the right products and colours within a selection of different 3D environments. Try our new Altro Pisces range out in our bathroom model, and see the choices of flooring and walling colours change instantly as you view the bathroom in 360 degrees.
Adhesive free flooring header. A diagram depicting the components of an adhesive-free floor.
With no DPM and no adhesive required, installing adhesive-free flooring means your installation can be up and ready quickly, letting everyone get back to normal with minimal interruption. With an adhesive-free floor there is no waiting time. Just lay, weld and walk on the same day. No adhesive means no tacky areas and trafficking glue through the building. The build can be planned in stages without being held up by drying times.
Diagram explaining self-adhesive flooring.
Altro self-adhesive transport flooring provides a quick and easy solution to enhance installation efficiencies and minimise vehicle downtime.Using a pressure-sensitive backing tape, self-adhesive flooring provides an intuitive installation solution that reduces fitting processes, while still providing maximum performance. Ideally suited to projects where downtime can be costly, self-adhesive flooring can be installed directly onto all commonly-used subfloors and is available for all existing Altro transport flooring products.
Altro’s laminated logos combine intricate design with robust performance to provide intelligent signage and wayfinding for bus and rail applications. Our multi-layered logo tiles are built to provide maximum protection against water ingress while retaining high levels of flexibility to facilitate easy installation and coving. Our logo service is compatible with our entire transport portfolio and can produce a wide range of designs. Backed up with 10-year guarantees and certified for water tightness, an Altro laminated logo is a sign of quality for any vehicle.
In collaboration with global bus and rail manufacturers, we’ve developed our pre-cut flooring service to enable original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and refurbishment partners to save time and reduce the environmental impact of their installations. Ordering your flooring pre-cut to your specification is a more efficient and less wasteful way to achieve consistent, cost effective, high-quality installations for vehicles. It couldn’t be simpler.