Safety is one of the core values of AltroSafety matters. It's at the heart of everything we do. We invented safety flooring back in 1947 and we're still passionate about it. We love pioneering different safety flooring solutions with sustained slip resistance for the lifetime of the product. In wet and dry. In shoes, boots, slippers, trainers, barefoot. We've taken care of it.

As long as you're safe, we're happy. We're dedicated to safety in other ways too, making sure that your future really is safer with Altro. Our hygienic wall cladding systems help keep you safe by giving bacteria nowhere to hide. Our resins help keep the champions of industry safe. We're a family run business that's been going strong since 1919, making sure your investment in Altro is safe too.

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Why safety? What makes flooring safe or unsafe, and how it affects the people that use it, are incredibly important issues to us. And this is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. We do everything we can to improve the slip-resistance of our flooring, and we also offer information and guidance to help our customers keep themselves safe too. Click to find out more

Testing and measuring Because safety is so important to us, we make sure we use the best methods to test the slip resistance of our flooring and prove exactly how safe it is. Find out the advantages and disadvantages of the different ways of testing, and what the results actually mean. Click to find out more

Altro Safety Flooring We invented safety flooring over 60 years ago. From unique production methods, to industry-leading testing techniques, to our extensive range of specialist floorings, we don't just meet the highest safety standards, we make them. Click to find out more

Safety for transport Public transport plays an important role in most people's lives. It needs to be as safe as possible, and this includes its flooring. Transport providers have a responsibility to make sure floors are slip-resistant at all times and here at Altro we can help them meet those responsibilities, and make life easier for them with our durable, easy to clean flooring solutions. Click to find out more